It’s no longer news the impact that social media and other digital channels such as a website have on business in 2021. The realization of the power of digital has caused a lot of businesses to create a digital strategy for their brands and business.

A Lot of these digital strategies however do not take into consideration the customer experience and the work that needs to be done to prepare a business to operate in the digital world. How can a business continually improve its customer’s experience? …

It is no longer news that the world is constantly evolving — this is particularly true in the business space. With the Covid-19 pandemic, business modes and models have been completely altered.

In Nigeria, the pandemic caused a halt on so many businesses leading to the closure of some and a massive loss to others. This has caused a bit of nervousness and uncertainty in the mind of business owners leading to legitimate concerns about how to stay in business and succeed in 2021.

Although I am not a fortune teller and I cannot tell what the future holds for…

In a bid to cushion the effect of the pandemic and to avoid a total shutdown a lot of businesses have amplified their digital marketing efforts. This is a totally wise step to take, however, since the digital space is saturated it is important that your digital marketing strategy cuts through the noise and gets your business where it needs to be.

Your business needs to be accessible to your target audience when they need it, where they need it, and at the right time. To do this personalising their experience when it comes to your business becomes important. Personalisation…

In digital marketing, your brand and your business are as good as your content and the online reputation of your brand or business. Everything you put online matters and should have a purpose. For most, if not all businesses, the ultimate goal for any content or collection of content is valuable conversion.

For your content to convert in such a way that makes sense for your business, there is a level of intentionality that should go into creating it. The purpose of the content along with the current stage of a customer in their journey should inform the content. …

With the world going through one of the worst attacks it has experienced in a while with the outbreak of coronavirus; countries, people, and businesses are suffering and at times like this it might feel as though marketing any product or service that are non-essential is inhumane. And if that is not the case in your business, it becomes the case of what is the best way to market during this time? How do I make a substantial statement about my business at a time like this without adding to all the noise already on digital platforms?

Covid-19 has caused…

Getting Started with Conversational Commerce (C — Commerce)

If you are a business owner, you will agree with me that the best way to reach your customers or potential customers is to be where they are. I hear this is the number one rule of survival for any business. Who made the rule you may ask; well I have no idea but is taking your business where your customers are crucial to your business survival? ABSOLUTELY YES. For a lot of businesses in the last 10 years that meant getting on social media. Establishing a presence on social media platforms…

With everyone talking about video content in the last few months, you probably already know that when it comes to digital and social media marketing content, video is the next best thing after sliced bread. If you didn’t know, you are about to find out.

Quick stats

Video is expected to make up 82% of internet traffic by 2021. This will be possible because almost 50% of internet users actively seek videos relating to a purchase decision they are about to make.

Videos have also proven to increase the organic search traffic of a website by 157%. 93% of marketers…

It is funny I am writing this because until very recently I never really understood the importance of LinkedIn as a networking platform. For me, it was just another stage worse than Instagram and Facebook where people go to act out the most exaggerated (read as untrue) version of their professional lives. In addition, with Instagram and Facebook, I can at least watch the show with a little bit of fun and comedy infused but with LinkedIn it was a whole lot of boring corporate content that I have no love for.

Well… you can say I was stupid and…


The business world is changing. How companies and businesses interact with their customers and prospective customers is also changing. One of the significant changes in the current business environment is the shift that has happened with the introduction of digital connectivity. Major buying decision power has moved to the hands of the consumer. Consumers are now, more than ever, actively involved in the business journey.


Hootsuite defines social selling as ‘the art of using social media to find, connect with, understand, and nurture sales prospects. It’s the modern way to…

Customer Journey Mapping

Have you ever wondered what your customers’ experience with your brand feels like?

Are they really satisfied with their experience? Is the experience uniform across all who come in contact with your business? Well, CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING provides a way to get answers to all of these questions.

What is the customer’s journey map?

Onyinye Umeh

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